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 Par38 Aquarium  LED lights

  Code   :  Aquanest-par38-01
Aquanest-par38-01 LED lighting for nano tanks, refugiums, and large aquariums (when used in multiples.)  Par38 aquarium LED lights offer an innovative quality lighting solution to the Nano Reef Keeper. These PAR38 LED Bulbs create amazing colour and growth for all coral, including small polyp stony coral (SPS). 
 Code:  Asaqua-Par38-01    
 Led Qty. :  36W- 12pcs 3W Leds
 Input Voltage:  AC100V-240V
 Optics:  90 Deree standard
 Mount/Base:  E27/E26

 Working Temperature(°C):

 Size of Lamp Body:  D122x121mm
 Area Coverage: 18" x 18"



  • Aluminum body
  • Classical black
  • Can be used on any aquarium
  • Energy-efficient LEDs
  • Simple installation, just one step
  • Small dimensions allows easier access into aquarium
  • Dimmable
  • Lifetime Hours: 50,000


Led Layout:


  • 4pcs   Deep Blue 455nm
  • 2pcs   Cool Blue 470nm
  • 2pcs    Neutral White 12000k
  • 2pcs    UV Violet 420nm 
  • 1pcs    Deep Red 660nm
  • 1pcs    Cyan 495nm

                     The above all sorts of color can free collocation.






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